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Monday, October 15, 2012

{Guest} The Life of a Crocheter with CFS Part 1

For the next three days Susan aka Crochet Addict will share with you how she came to use crochet as a means to cope with her illness, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. 

The Life of a Crocheter with CFS

CFS – Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (also known as M.E.)
This disability has many forms and many symptoms.
Crocheting has helped me to cope with a lot of them & I would highly recommend
Crocheting for a number of conditions.

During my pregnancy with my son they think I developed CFS. It took me 4 years to get diagnosed and another 6 months for me to find crocheting.  I’m not glad I have this disease but I am glad that through it I learnt how to crochet and my new life started.

One of my symptoms is pins and needles in my arms and hands (also legs and feet).  Doctors just wanted to increase my medication but I decided to look for an alternative. Whilst searching on the internet I found a lot of people recommending crocheting and knitting.  

Me and knitting haven’t got on in the past so I decided to give crocheting a go.  I went on you tube and found a recording of how to make a teddy bear. I made this first bear for my son and from there things progressed J.
First Bear by Susan D

Whilst you are crocheting you can switch off, relax and you are stimulating both your brain and your nerves. Crocheting has greatly reduced the amount of pain I suffer in my hands and it really helps with the “brain fuzz”.

When I first started out I didn't really have a direction and was just crocheting for fun.  I made some booties and such like but it just didn't feel my thing.  One day I was searching on the internet and my son saw a dinosaur hat. He asked if I could make him one and this was the start of everything.

Dinosaur Set by Susan D.

After making that first hat for my son I got a few inquiries from his friends so I stared selling a few hats. From there I decided to see if there were any other animals I would like to make. 

I don’t know how or why but I found that designing the different hats etc. was what I was destined to do. I still make the hats for sale but I have found I enjoy making new designs more than repeating the same hats all the time.
Hats and Bibs by Susan D.

Due to the fatigue and the “brain fuzz” I can’t always crochet. This is one of the reasons designing patterns works better for me. When I can’t make things I spend time looking for new ideas. 

I try to make my hats as unique as possible so spend a lot of time looking for things I like about the animal\character and put them all together to make my hat design.

Dragon hat by Susan D
Susan sells her Original Pattern Designs on Ravelry and Craftsy. She also sells her completed hats on her new Facebook page Crochet Hat Crazy. She also runs a popular international crochet group called Crochet Addict with over 8,600 members and blogs at CrochetAddictCFS. 
Tune in tomorrow for Part 2 with Susan D, Crochet Addict CFS. 

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  1. Amazing guest post and story. So glad you're sharing it!

  2. i agree with you that crochet can help ease physical ailments. it is meditative and healing for me. i feel compelled to ask, though, if you take any vitamin B, esp Vitamin B6. if you do (and it's in most multivitamins in very large doses), you might consider omitting it from your routine for a week. in 2001, i experienced symptoms similar to what you describe. after visiting several specialists and a lot of expensive (but necessary) tests, it was discovered that my body did not excrete the excess as happens with most people as Vitamin B is water soluble. The build up to toxic levels in my body caused my symptoms. It took only about 4 days for the symptoms to disappear completely! I have shared this with several people who have had similar symptoms and one or two of them got the same resolution of symptoms that i did.
    jd in st louis


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