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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Spotted Crochet Blogs 1/12/2012

Spotted Crochet Blogs (mp3)

This past week I was blessed to find so many new crochet bloggers. Some I met on twitter and others I found via google alerts or just reading other blogs. Enjoy.

Here are just a few that I came across:
Purple Butterfly Crochet Collection - I found Cheryl on twitter this past week. She responded to a tweet I put out regarding a hat pattern directory I'm putting together and we've enjoyed a back and forth conversation since. She's just starting out in the blogosphere but already her site is filled with lovely things. Check out her 'How in the Hook?' section where you can ask her anything crochet related.

The Crochet Crowd - Water Waves Scarf Pattern by Michael Sellick who also has a fabulous crochet channel on youtube. Be sure to check his channel out as he has giveaways of yarn and other supplies. He is a spokesman for Bernat Yarn and has a number of sponsored episodes that teach the basics of crochet. If you are in Ontario, Canada check out his Granny Square Boot Camp at Spinrite Factory Outlet.

One Crafty Mumma - Melissa shares her adventures in granny squares as she decorates her caravan. She has such lovely accessories - bunting, afghan, cushions - so much lovely crochet inside. She also shares about her family and the other crafts she enjoys.

The Shy Lion - just one of the many guy crocheters out there. I found him this week via a post by another blog I'll feature in my newsletter - Grateful Crochet. He just did a post on an owl he made as well as a little dinosaur or dragon - he can't make up his mind - can you help?

Other sites of note:
The Hive - a social site for crafters. Upload your latest projects, share your latest blog posts, and chat with other crafters.Referral Link:Momwithahook

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