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Friday, January 20, 2012

Cross Blog Conversation with Kathryn Vermillo Day 5 Wrap Up

We're wrapping up our Cross Blog Conversation with Kathryn of Crochet Concupiscence . It was a great experience for me. I enjoyed talking with Kathryn about all things crochet and various other subjects.

Lost? Need to catch up? You can find out more about cross blogging in the first post.  Let's see what Kathryn has for me today.

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It seems the week has come to an end. I'm sure we could extend this indefinitely as we both have lots to say about crochet. I was nervous about doing this - first afraid to ask someone and then fearful of having nothing to talk about - proved that to be false huh?

Seems like 2012 will be filled with new projects and fantastic connections for both of us. Looking forward to the completion of your Swaddle project and to see how your Surmount My Stash turns out. I know we all want to organize our yarn, patterns, and projects - you happen to be doing it and we get to share the process with you.

You Asked:
How does the comfort of crochet make it easier to try tackling those things outside of your comfort zone?
I really think I was given crochet as a means to heal and express myself. It is the one thing I always feel comfortable talking about. [i.e. this conversation] I love it when newbies finally 'get it'.

It reminds of when I was teaching my oldest son to read. It was rough there for a while so we set it aside for a month or so. Once we picked it up again, his brain just got it. It was like - Oh, I get it! It's pure bliss watching someone connect with what they're learning whether it be reading or crochet.

What would you still like to learn or improve in your crochet work?
Tapestry sounds like a worthy challenge and one day I will tackle it full on. Actually this year my goal big fiber goal is knitting related [don't run away] - I want to learn to knit socks. I figure if I know how to do that than I'll be able to better translate it into crochet. I've tried crochet sock patterns in the past  and they always end up being too thick or too painful to wear. [hurt the bottom of my foot]

I'd love to do more color work [tapestry] and more work with cables and unique stitches. The crocodile stitch has really peaked my interest and now that Bonita Patterns has her new Baby Booties pattern out - I really want to make them.

I also want to know more about pattern construction. I've written my own patterns but I want to write them in a way a newbie could figure them out. I also want to rewrite my old patterns with the yarn council standards. [yarn weight, hook, etc]

What is one thing that you wish people knew about crochet?
Some people tend to think of crochet as the 'poor' craft even looking down on those who purchase their yarn from craft shops instead of 'real yarn stores'. I think that crocheters and knitters are taught differently because knitters are usually taught with the LYS [local yarn store] in mind and crocheters are taught with a craft store in mind. I see no difference except for currency. I shop at craft stores because that is what my budget allows. If I was able to buy any yarn in any amount YOU bet I'd be all over it.

I think crocheters need to stand up for themselves. When someone says 'Oh, that's crochet' exclaim with great power 'You betch Ya it's crochet. Want to learn?'

Lots of Crochet Love,

Recap:  This has been a cross blog conversation between Kathryn of Crochet Concupiscene and Sara of Momwithahook Crochet Journal. To read the entire conversation please follow the below links.

Follow the Conversation:
Day 1: Sara - Kathryn
Day 2: Sara - Kathryn
Day 3: Sara - Kathryn
Day 4: Sara - Kathryn
Day 5: Wrap up Posts

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