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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cross Blog Conversation with Kathryn Vermillo Day 3

It's already the third day of my Cross Blog Conversation with Kathryn of Crochet Concupiscence . Need to catch up? You can find out more about cross blogging in the first post.  Let's see what Kathryn has for me today.

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You know, I was thinking the same thing - about making a coffee table book out of your photos - that would be a great book to own. I just started on Pinterest so I'm all excited about checking out your photos and pins over there.

Ohh, Like that title "Crochet Saved My Life". Definitely a book I would read. I find that crochet literature is lacking. I have read a few crochet fiction books but there aren't too many out there. Have you read any crochet fiction?

I definitely see the prospective success for your crochet jobs project. I will definitely spread the word for you. Maybe as word gets around then as you say, it will be a hub where people find and post crochet jobs.

Loving your hashtag #CrochetQuestionoftheDay project - didn't know you were on G+ so will have to spread the word about that as well. I just found someone via Twitter a week or so ago who has something similar on her blog called 'How the Hook?' where you ask questions and she answers. I featured her in my spotted blog post last week.

You asked:
do tell me more about that class! [Crochet Class]
After meeting with a job coach late December 2011 and going through a 2-day resume workshop that really got to the heart of what I wanted to do for a job I kept coming back to crochet. I was challenged to contact 2 people after the workshop, which I did and this led me to setting up crochet classes with a local shop. I'll be teaching beginning and intermediate classes on Saturdays in February and then see where it goes from there.
  So tell me, any idea what you’re going to make for yourself before that class starts? Do you use other people’s patterns as well or just make your own?

Not sure what I'll make for myself as I been working on samples for the class. I did make a nice little scarflette that I've been wearing lately and it's received a number of compliments - I'll probably make another one or a tweaked version of it.

I use both - mine and others. It really depends on what I'm in the mood for. I'm a collector of patterns so do have quite a collection. Haven't made everything I have a pattern for so I think I should probably do that first.

I’d love to know more about your charity crocheting.
The first 'charity' crocheting I did was through a yahoo group. They served women who were pregnant or who lost their babies. It was this heart blanket pattern that really made me love crochet. I must have made 50 blankets. I also gave them away on a mothering forum to new mama's - it is a nice memory - wish I could afford to do that again. Right now I'm crocheting hats for the local hospital and squares for Warm up America. 

Have you done this type of Granny Square exchange in the past? If so, what have you made with the squares?
I used to be active in Granny exchanges on yahoo and then when swap-bot came along I kind of got lost in there for a year or two - doing all sorts of mail swaps. I even did some crochet swaps over there - amigurumi, granny squares, water bottle holder, dish cloths etc.. I took all of 2011 off from swapping - it was hard in the beginning but now I think I will let myself do a swap now and again - the first one being the Granny Square Exchange.

I've made lapghans, a scarf and a purse. I had a lady send thread granny squares so what I did was sewed them together with a whipstitch, lined it with material, and added a strap. I got so many compliments on that bag. They were beautifully done squares.

Okay to wrap this up, I see that you’ve got the Compassion International Fundraiser coming up next month. What’s that all about?

About a year or so ago I started sponsoring a child named Sara. I have a fb friend who is an advocate for them. I fell in love with her sponsored children as I read about the letters they send back and forth. I also started sponsoring another child, Ravi, last year so now I'm up to two children. I am so blessed by these two children.

It's been a way for me to not focus on 'ME' and my situation [job wise] and remember what really matters. My perspective on poverty or being without has changed dramatically since getting involved with Compassion International and talking with Sara and Ravi through letters.  Her family lives on $25/month so Americans [most] really can't complain.

I earn royalties on articles I write on Squidoo. I used to spend this on yarn and swaps but now I use it to sponsor these children. Compassion International lets you send birthday gifts, family gifts, as wells as gifts for holidays. This is what the fundraiser is all about. I want to send that extra bit to their families.

I'll be crocheting some hats and selling those for donations. I was originally thinking $20 a piece but I'm thinking of doing an auction type of thing so that people can donate what they can afford. My goal is to raise their entire year sponsorships which is$960/year for both Ravi and Sara. I would have to sell 48 hats for $20 each to make that goal. Lofty goal I know.

With gifts I was able to send last year Sara bought school clothes and a large bag of rice for her family. Ravi bought school clothes as well but also bought a cake on his birthday that he shared with his whole class. He also bought his mom 2 chairs. See what I mean about perspective? Sara [7] and Ravi [11] wrote me letters to thank me for these gifts. Maybe to Americans it seems so small [chairs and a bag of rice] but to them it is grand. Ravi's mom also wrote a thank you. I've been so blessed.

I could go on and on about this but I'll share more in February.

Thank you Kathryn for all the great questions. 

  •  Have you read any crochet fiction?
  • What is the Friday Open Discussions group? sounds interesting. 
  • Speaking of Charity crochet, could you tell me more about your Charity 12 in 12 project?
  • I just noticed your Crochet Calls for Submission - is that new? 
  • Where do you find all the time to work your blog? Seriously you're all over the place - lots of great information. 
  • Is it strictly a hobby or do you earn from blogging?

P.S. Want to know something silly - I didn't see your summary of questions until I was done. Great idea by the way.

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