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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cross Blog Conversation with Kathryn Vermillo Day 2

Cross Blogging with Kathryn Vermillo Day 2 (mp3)

 If you're just joining in Kathryn of Crochet Concupiscence and I are having a Cross Blog Conversation. Basically you get to eavesdrop on our conversation. Cool huh? You can find out more about cross blogging in the first post

Follow Along: -Sara - Kathryn -


I was wondering how you were going to wear so much crochet - now I understand. Funny thing, I don't wear crochet as often as I should. I'm one to give my creations away. This year however, I'll be teaching crochet at a local shop - Craftology - so I'll need to change that.

The 365 Project sounds like a challenge and yes, it should be interesting to see how it plays out mid-year. Looking forward to seeing the entire collection at the end of the year. Do you have a Flickr set or other album for it?

When Grandma Isn't Crocheting She's Hunting Big Game sounds like a great collection of crochet themed stories. I know I find awesome crochet news stories throughout the year that I want to remember but you've gone one step further and made a booklet out of them. It would be cool to interview each one and highlight their work - good luck on that project.

I too got started in crochet when I was young. Got started might not be the best description. I was exposed to crochet when I was young via my mom who used to crochet matching outfits for us girls. [3 sisters]  She taught me how to chain. I remember making long chains and then thinking this is boring so set it aside. I think it was difficult for me to learn more stitches because she is left handed and I'm right. I didn't get interested in it again until 1999 when pregnant with my second son.

Wow, didn't know about your struggle with depression. I would never have guessed as you are such a positive influence. I try not to talk about it a lot but I too suffer from bouts of depression and on top of that mania. [Bipolar] Back in high school I was diagnosed with depression and took medication on and off until college. I wasn't a big fan of medication so of course took myself off when I moved out of my parents.

I also had postpartum depression with both pregnancies. It wasn't until my last pregnancy that I went 'insane' as my boys say. I didn't take medication because I was nursing. Once my son was weaned [about 1 year] and because I was hospitalized, I was placed on medication. I won't get into the details and the bipolar diagnosis on here but did email you about participating in your book on Healing Benefits of Crochet.

I too think my emotional connection to crochet has something to do with the fact that it was part of my healing process. It gave me something to do besides thinking negative thoughts.  Plus, it gave me a way to give back - I started crocheting blankets for mom's who were pregnant and then booties for mom's who lost their baby. [I lost a baby on Christmas 1998]

Talk about a chatter box - you get this shy girl talking about crochet and she never stops.

So, now to your questions:

What is your background in blogging and online writing?
I actually started blogging on a fluke. I was participating in a number of swaps over on swap-bot.com and one of the swaps entailed visiting blogs to leave a comment. Back then most people had to sign in to comment on blogger. This is how I started. I came across a blogger who posted photos of her finished objects. I thought 'I could do that' and thus the 'Momwithahook' persona was born.

I've always been a writer. Back in school English was my best subject and my favorite subject. I started to write articles on Ezine Articles back in 2005 as a way to bring traffic to various sites I had. Writing has always been a way for me to express all that's going on  inside and now I get paid for it - how cool is that?

With regards to the 365 Crochet Blog Topics and Editorial Calendar - Can you tell me a bit more about those resources and how you hope crocheters online will be able to take advantage of them?
The 365 Crochet Blog Topics actually grew from my work on Squidoo.com. I started writing over there back in September 2007 and eventually crochet saturated my articles. I wanted more crocheters and knitters to utilize this platform to bring traffic to their blogs and/or etsy shops so I created two articles - How to make a Crochet Themed Lens and 100 Crochet Topics.  This year when a friend published her free Blog Editorial Calendar I thought I could do this for crochet bloggers.

As far as the editorial calendar - this was inspired by my friends Blog Editorial Calendar. I will be writing based on these themes. I love guest blogging and invite guest bloggers to take a look at the calendar to see what they can contribute. I have interviews planned, this cross blog conversation, a fundraiser and the Granny Square Exchange. I'm also working on a project called How to Monetize Your Crochet Blog which will be completed in March.

I hope crochet bloggers will utilize these resources to blog more consistently, to give them ideas on what to blog about, to be more social in their blogs by connecting to their readers,  and if they so choose, become a guest blogger so that my readers can see their work and find other crochet friends.

As far as the Granny Square Exchange goes - it is based on the round robins of old. Each participant will make 10 granny squares. They will then mail one square to 10 partners. Each square will have a letter attached with the bloggers name and a bit of history on how and why they love crochet. We will then post as we receive our squares. When we connect the squares we are connecting friendship - A Friendship Afghan.

I know 10 squares isn't enough for an entire afghan but you can utilize these squares in an afghan or participate in other exchanges to gather more squares from crocheters all over the world. Imagine curling up in the blanket and recalling all your crochet friends from across the world?

So, Kathryn,
I noticed you are starting a Twitter Conversation with hashtag #CrochetQuestionOfTheDay. What a cool idea. I'll definitely share this with other bloggers.
How is the Crochet Jobs project coming along? Do you find that the jobs posted are legitimate? Have you had anyone find a job so far using your job board? 

Did you miss the first part of this conversation?  -Sara - Kathryn -

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