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Monday, January 16, 2012

Cross Blog Conversation with Kathryn Vermillo aka Crochet Blogger

Cross Blogging with Kathryn Vermillo Day 1 (mp3)

This week I'm doing a Cross Blog Conversation with Crochet Blogger Katheryn V. over on Crochet Concupiscence. I first heard about Cross Blogging from Kelly of Solosmarts.com who heard about the idea from Liz Strauss of Sucessful-blog.com.

Basics of Cross Blogging: 
  • Blogger #1 posts a question for Blogger #2 
  • Blogger #2 answers the question with a post and a question for Blogger #1 

The back and forth conversation goes on with your readers being eavesdroppers. In most cases there is a conclusion to the conversation and a wrap up post. In each post you'll want to recap what a cross blog conversation is so your readers will know what's going on and link to the answer in your friends blog.

How does this benefit your readers? 
It's different and brings interesting content to your readers. Hopefully you'll get your readers to engage in the conversation too.

You are such an inspirational blogger. You always have a number of blogging projects going. The Hook'n up project was a great idea and such fun because I found so many great crochet bloggers to follow.

This year I see you're doing a 365 day photo project. What's that all about? Do you seriously have that many crocheted items to wear?

Yesterday as I visited your blog I noticed you have a book up for sale. The title alone wants me to read it. I can actually see a shot gun totting grandma picking up her hook and yarn in between hunting for dinner and protecting her land.

I learned to crochet because I was pregnant and wanted something special for the baby - my son is now 11 yo. Ever since I've had a hook and yarn in hand practically everywhere I go. 
What got you started in crocheting and why are you so passionate about it?

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