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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Crochet Blog Conversation with Kathryn Vermillo Day 4

We're into the fourth day of the Cross Blog Conversation with Kathryn of Crochet Concupiscence . Need to catch up? You can find out more about cross blogging in the first post.  Let's see what Kathryn has for me today.

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This week has flown by - can't believe we are on the fourth day of this cross blog conversation. It was definitely a great experience.

Today I'm running a bit late on getting back to you - had a bit of a snag on homeschooling my son this morning - so I'll get right to your questions.
  • Is there a genre or style of crochet fiction that you’d like to see someone writing?
I actually like mystery books so more of this type of genre would be good in crochet. I read all the Betty Hechtman's books but only really cared for the first in the series. The plot just repeated itself in all subsequent books so it got stale for me. 

I read Hooked for Life: Adventures of a Crochet Zealot by Mary Beth Temple and really enjoyed the humorous side of crochet. We need to laugh more often [especially at ourselves] and I think this book really helps us do that.
  • Am I right in thinking that you’ve taught some one-on-one crochet in the past? What was that like? Are you a teacher in any other capacity?
Yes, I've taught one-on-one lessons before plus I taught a group of ladies in a Bible Study to crochet a scarf for gifts. I love teaching others how to crochet. I'm always nervous because my 'negative self' always battles with my true self but all in all I find that people are kind and quite thankful for my skills in crochet.

If you call Homeschooling my son teaching than yes - I am a teacher. I do not have a degree in teaching and although I initially got into homeschooling because of religious reasons this is no longer the case.

I find homeschooling challenging - especially teaching our special needs son. On the other hand it is developing patience in me and strength that I did not know was possible. I also like learning right along with him - it's like I get to go to school again and this time pay attention!
  • How is FOTH going? What are the biggest challenges in moving from text to video to talk about your crochet?
I just started with FOTH [Fresh off Tha Hook] with Marcelle on Youtube. [onevirtuouswoman]. It is a group of vloggers who showcase what they've made via youtube. Instead of the Finished Object Fridays in the blogosphere this is a finished object in the video-sphrere.

The biggest challenge of moving from text to video is my shyness. I need to speak louder, be myself more, and learn the technical aspects of the webcam. My son is showing me some tips for the technical side. Another challenge is exposing myself - I enjoy hiding behind a screen but FOTH pushes me out of my comfort zone and forces me to connect in a deeper way to my audience.

My goal for 2012 is to be more social so this is one way for me to fight my shyness in a tangible way. It is also a great way to meet other crocheters online and be apart of the online community of crochet.

Thank you again Kathryn for participating in my first Cross Blog Conversation.

Tomorrow we'll be wrapping it up so I'll leave you with just one question: 

What is your crochet goal for 2012? A new stitch, method, de-stash, or publish a pattern or book?

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