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Saturday, February 01, 2014

Create Crochet Patterns Challenge Week 1

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Week 1: Inspiration 

Inspiration for a crochet design can come from anywhere. Lisa of Crochet Patterns Free shares:

"The best inspiration is from friends and family. What are they sharing on Facebook? I get some of my best selling ideas from what friends are looking at or sharing." ~ CreateCrochetPatterns eBook
I usually get my ideas from my children. When they were younger my designs were usually inspired by Manga or Anime characters or even a book they were reading. Now a days though my ideas come from photographs, Pinterest, and colors.

Inspiration Online: 

  • Pinterest.com
  • Juxtapost.com
  • Pearltrees.com
  • Color Boards - Aurora, the texas yarn lover, keeps a Pinterest color-board

Your Turn: Where do you find inspiration? Share in the comments below

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